Post- COVID19, War and World economyApril 20, 2022

The world has been dealing with COVID-19 for the past two years. As we were slowly coming out of the pandemic, the ongoing war which has been thrust upon us is cancelling any gains which were made.

With rising prices of food, energy, and fertilizer the major world economies are now suddenly dealing with high rates of inflation not seen for a long time. Households are worried with ever increasing prices which creates a huge burden on ordinary citizens.

As industrialized countries try to rein in inflation by monetary tightening and raising interest rates it causes capital to flow out of emerging and developing countries. This creates less free capital in the markets as economies begin to cool down. 

In this ever increasing severe business environment, we will continue to be transformative and to be flexible and adaptable to changing economic and social needs.

S. Taniguchi
April 20, 2022