How COVID-19 is Transforming our FutureApril 20,2020

It has been two months from February 2020 since COVID-19 took hold and changed both society and the global economy. 
We are now on the cusp of what could be the largest economic depression since World War II. 
It is hard to say when this will be over. However, both socially and economically,
the world will be very different post COVID-19, as we see signs of retreat from globalization and a slide back towards a more
nationalistic policy.
With the ongoing US-CHINA trade war we anticipate that Donald Trump’s America First policy will lead other European countries to become more protectionist and isolationist.

On the other hand, the past 20 years has given rise to the internet revolution.
With more people living in congested cities, the commute to work creates stress and inefficiencies.
Through advances in IoT it creates the possibility for Japanese people to live in the suburbs. 
Unfortunately, society still keeps us anchored to larger cities.
Due to COVID-19, society has begun to work remotely from their homes as they harness the power of the internet revolution.
Undoubtedly, this will continue to take hold post COVID-19 and it will change the way people are employed and work.
Furthermore, due to COVID-19, the legal hurdle for telemedicine and online learning has been lowered and we can expect to see
an acceleration towards more virtual healthcare and online learning.

COVID-19 is already changing the global economy before our very eyes.
To survive in the post COVID-19 world we need to be vigilant and to take it upon ourselves to embrace and to adapt with these

April 20, 2020